Tuesday 28 November 2023

J.L. Campbell - Flames of Wrath blog tour

Today, I'm welcoming the excellent author J.L. Campbell to help kick off the blog tour for her new release, Flames of Wrath!

The need to right a wrong against an innocent victim triggers a hailstorm of revenge. 

Flames of Wrath

by J.L. Campbell

Genre: Crime Thriller 

A mother’s quest for justice turns into a race against time to stop insidious murders that mysteriously begin populating throughout the city. Fans of Lisa Jewell and Ruth Ware will be enthralled by this emotionally chilling thriller!

The need to right a wrong against an innocent victim triggers a hailstorm of revenge!
In less than twenty-four hours—before Alexia Leighton is scheduled to return to Miami from spring break in Jamaica—a group of friends betray her in a grisly assault that stops a heartbeat away from murder. The seventeen-year-old prays for the mercy of death. She survives. While on the road to recovery, Alexia's attackers become victims of mysterious acts of violence, leaving authorities confounded and racing against time to prevent another deadly attack. Concern looms, as the perpetrator has proven to be two steps ahead of them at every turn.
When the attention swings to Alexia's mother, a cyber-security expert, the family closes ranks. Geneva Leighton must quickly eliminate herself as a suspect, but not without handing down more punishment. The offenders fear for their own safety and the secrets that plague them. Can they trust the police to find the killer before someone else dies, or has their fate been sealed—leaving them with no place to run, and no place to hide . . .

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An Accidental Adventure

Flames of Wrath is a new genre for me and an adventure that started when I pitched a romantic suspense story to Black Odyssey Media. They were more interested in a thriller, and since I’m not one to back down from a challenge, I brainstormed the idea with my son and expanded on the concept I’d come up with in a synopsis.

The main character is a cybersecurity expert, so that meant a fair amount of research to make the story credible. Writers tend to fall down a rabbit hole when researching, so I had to balance information on technology without getting lost in subject matter that I wouldn’t use in the story.

The writing was the easiest part of pulling Flames of Wrath together. I tend to take a linear approach but this book had me writing chapters out of sequence. Some at the back end of the story were written early and only had to be tweaked a bit when I arrived at that part of the book.

The best thing about writing this novel is the fact that it’s a new adventure for me. I’ve been blessed in that I’ve never written in a genre that didn’t like me. There were times when I asked what I had gotten myself into with this story, but my experience with romantic suspense gave me the edge I needed to bring all the critical elements together in a cohesive way.

Would I do it again? That’s a definite yes. The characterization, accidents-on-purpose, and plot twists made Flames of Wrath exciting to write. I hope readers will find it as interesting to read.

National Bestselling Author, J.L. Campbell lives in Jamaica and writes across several genres. She is a certified editor, and book coach, who has produced over forty books. When she’s not writing, Campbell adds to her extensive collection of photos featuring Jamaica’s natural beauty.

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Thursday 2 November 2023

IWSG Apology and Good Luck for NaNoWriMo!

I'm just realising I spaced on IWSG this month so I'm just checking in to apologise, I had a slow start to the week writing wise and so I was more focused on getting words on a Word doc rather than the blog composer. I see the question related to NaNoWriMo, being November, so I'll give a shout out to anyone buckled in for that crazy ride this year. I've taken part three times (I think? It's a bit hazy), winning once, but of course it's more about getting ideas down and getting re-inspired if you need it than getting to 50k words per se. Good luck and I'll be here next month. Hard to believe 2023 is nearly at an end!