Monday 28 May 2012

200 Follower Giveaway

I know this is a bit late... but better late than never. After the holiday, I feel like I came back briefly then went away again, and I've only been commenting sporadically and in odd moments. The reason for this is simple: I'm jobhunting. It's become clear that we can't manage on just one wage coming in, and I'm looking for part-time and full-time stuff so there might be childcare involved as well.

I'm sure that when (if) I find something, things will settle into a new routine and my blogging will start to flow around this, but right now I'm dealing with interminable forms and emails which are eating all my time, so hopefully you can bear with me. Also, times really have changed and it's tough out there. I've been for a number of interviews so far with no luck, while other jobs I just haven't heard back from. It was never like this ten years ago. Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive and I'll be sure to share any good news on here!

So, onto my first ever giveaway. I'm sure you'll understand that I can't do any monetary-type prizes right now... so this will be a time-based investment wherein I offer my critiquing services. However, I'm aware that not everyone who reads this blog will be a fiction writer, so I'm making the list of things I'll look at pretty wide. Basically, I'll do anything. Hey, I'm a trained editor after all.

This could include the following:
  • Short story
  • Opening three chapters of a novel or non-fiction work
  • Poem
  • News article
  • Feature
  • Interview
  • Review
  • Essay or report
  • Homework assignment
  • Blog post
  • Anything else you can think of
  • Or if you don't have anything, how about an interview on my blog? Or a guest post (with option of a critique!)

In order to have a chance to win, you must comment on this post by Monday, June 11th, letting me know what prize you'd like. You can get an extra entry by doing any of the following: Tweeting it, Facebooking, Googling Plussing or broadcasting in any other form of media, while mentioning it in a blog post will secure two extra entries. Just make sure you leave a link of evidence in your comment. Three winners will be chosen at random after midnight GMT, two weeks' time.

Good luck!! And thanks to you all for being here! :o) To be honest, I'm scratching my head wondering how it happened!

Friday 18 May 2012


Yes, I'm back. The holiday was amazing, which I'll talk more of very soon. I've spent the last few days catching up with the responses to the last few A-Z posts as well as dealing with three holdalls' worth of laundry. (Four people get through a lot of clothes in two weeks.) It's been really great seeing what you're all up to and it seems the post-Challenge lull is well and truly over.
To ease myself gently back into the blogosphere, I thought I'd do a round-up of the tags and award I've received recently, which is also a great opportunity to give a shout-out to some of the amazing people I either met, or got to know better during the course of April. So here goes...

I was tagged twice with the Lucky 7 meme, by Tobi Summers and Cortney Pearson. Thank you ladies! Although it's my third time of doing the meme, it's my first time doing so legitimately, as I now have an actual page 77. Woo! Here's a quick recap of the rules:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines as they're written-- no cheating!
  4. Tag 7 other writers
  5. Let them know!

Once she had got in, and put on her seatbelt, another thought occurred to her. What if anyone recognised her car? She hadn’t changed the numberplate, after all. After some deliberation she decided that it wouldn’t matter. She would rather not be recognised, but she had every right to be herself, driving around during her time off. Just as long as no one knew about the man currently fast asleep on the couch in her undercover flat.

Kevin or one of the others would definitely know her car and numberplate. The only icky point was if she ran into them while filling up the car with her stuff. But why would they be there?

And I will tag...

1. Kyra Lennon
2. Madeline Mora-Summonte
3. Mina Burrows
4. Nicole
5. J.L. Campbell
6. Elise Fallson
7. C.B. Wentworth

Then the other day Alyssa over at Life Is Good nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you! You should check out her blog if only for the cute pandas.

  1. Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award
  2. Answer the ten questions below
  3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself
  4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

What is your favorite song?

It's incredibly tough to pick one out. But you can't go wrong with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

What is your favorite dessert?

Rhubarb crumble and custard.

What ticks you off?

People who love to moan.

When you're upset what do you do?

Think about what's good in my life.

Which is/was your favorite pet?

Our cat when I was growing up, Poppy, who lived from when I was five up to 19.

Which do you prefer to wear, black or white?


What is your biggest fear?

Losing the people I love.

What is your attitude mostly?


What is perfection?

Being with my family somewhere away from normal stresses and chores (luckily I just got to do that), other than that, being really happy with something I've written!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Spongebob Squarepants.

So here's ten random things... I'll try to think of ones I haven't said before!

1. My great-great-grandfather was an unknown Greek sailor (I think...) There's a good story there!
2. My college newspaper won Best College Publication at the 2005 Herald Scottish Student Press Awards. I was Features Editor.
3. I trained as a cocktail barman in one of my jobs but now I can't remember any of them.
4. I tried to become a songwriter for about a year despite having no discernible musical talent.
5. As a kid I had a passion for Enid Blyton, even the Malory Towers books which were supposed to be for girls.
6. My brother and I kept stick insects when we were kids. One time we got one which we didn't realise was a pregnant female. We ended up with 200 babies which we had to distribute among friends and pet shops.
7. I went on a health kick when I was about 14. I used to get up at 6am, go for a run around Preston Park in Brighton, then do my paper round before going to school. It didn't last.
8. I've never watched "The Sound of Music" and make every effort to avoid it when it's on TV.
9. I got off a bus in the wrong city while travelling. I took a 42 hour ride from Buenos Aires to Rio. After 36 hours the bus stopped at Sao Paulo and everyone got off. I followed suit, thinking in my delirium the journey had ended. It took 24 hours to realise my mistake.
10. I briefly took fencing classes.

I will pass the award on to:

1. Liwi
2. Susan Oloier
3. The Beans
4. Mel
5. Hilary Melton-Butcher
6. Chuck
7. Tobi Summers

Enjoy everyone. Stay tuned for a review of my cruise as well as details of my 200 follower giveaway! :o)