Wednesday 15 November 2017

Update and Goals

I wasn't around much last week, so I thought I'd leave a quick update to let you know what I've been doing and what I've got planned next. I do have a good reason for not being around though - I've been reading through the entries for the next IWSG anthology, ranking them in order so our collective favourites can go to the judges. The bar is extremely high on the entries, and the talent of the group really shines through - so it was hard to whittle them down. You can expect another stellar collection!

In other news, I've submitted a short story to a separate writing contest - they required a hard copy as well as an email submission. I've never actually sent a story via snail mail before, so that was a novelty at least!

It's a goal to submit to more competitions, including sending previously rejected stories. I've got a bunch that have only had one outing each, so I really want to give them another chance. The aim is to submit to at least one contest or journal per month - I'll keep you updated on progress here.

Of course, editing continues on part 2 of my trilogy - the aim is to have a polished version by the end of the year - and I will keep exploring ways of marketing the first book, including on Twitter.

Do you have any news or goals to share?

Friday 3 November 2017

Mistakes of the Past release day

Happy Friday! Today I'd like to give a shout out to Patricia Lynne, whose new book released this week. The cover looks great and the blurb sounds really interesting too.

Luc seeks atonement for the actions that banished him from his home. Living as a priest in a small town, he strives to show how much he’s changed with the hope that one day he can return to his family.

Haunted by the guilt that destroyed her family, Rose has shut her heart off. She vows to never let anyone near again lest she hurt them. When she meets Luc, she can’t deny the draw she feels to him.

But the past is not easily forgotten. When Luc’s past finds him, Rose is caught in the middle. Forced to face who he used to be, Luc must decide if he’s willing to give up his chance at redemption to save Rose. But doing so means he won’t be able to hide who he is. Will Rose be able to reconcile the man she knows with the devil he used to be? Or are the mistakes of the past too damning?

Buy Links:

About the Author:
Patricia Josephine never set out to become a writer. In fact, she never considered it an option during high school and college. She was all about art. On a whim, she wrote down a story bouncing in her head. That was the start of it and she hasn't regretted a moment. She writes young adult under the name Patricia Lynne.

Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow, and an obsession with Doctor Who.


Wednesday 1 November 2017

IWSG November 2017

Here we again for our monthly posting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group - who can believe for the penultimate time this year? Craziness. Of course, this is the day when we can gather to share our writing insecurities and woes without fear of judgement. Hosted as ever by the erstwhile Ninja Cap'n Alex J. Cavanaugh, today's excellent co-hosts are Tonja DreckerDiane BurtonMJ Fifield and Rebecca Douglass!

Don't forget today is the closing date for the IWSG Anthology Contest 2017, so you still have a few hours to polish and submit your entries on the theme of Tick Tock - so remember it has to involve a clock, a specific time, or is time-sensitive in some way. Look forward to reading those latecoming entries! Find more details here.

With that wonderful annual event NaNoWriMo kicking off today, and many of you potentially taking part, today's IWSG question is well-timed: Win or not, do you usually finish your NaNo project? Have any of them gone on to be published?

Well, I have to say that NaNo has been good to me, although I've only taken part three times - 2012, 2013 and 2014. That first year was when I started writing Black & White, and although I didn't win, I was excited enough about the story to take it forward and eventually publish it this year. In 2014, I "rebelled" by going in with a draft already started - part 2 of the trilogy - and won. 2013 - well, I started writing (with a completely different story) and was right on track until a devastating personal event cut it short on November 9th. Many of you will know about that. Who knows where that story could have gone - maybe one day I will pick it up again, but at the moment the associations are just too painful.

So yes, overall I would encourage anyone to give NaNo a try if you're struggling over getting started on a project, or even finishing one. It doesn't give you a lot of time to think or hesitate - it's just about jumping in and feeding off some of that adrenaline that seems to course through the writing world in November. Oftentimes, gut feeling and instinct take the upper hand - which is usually a good thing for any story.

Good luck to everyone taking part this year! Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year, or have you done so before? If not, would you consider it?