Wednesday 7 August 2019

IWSG August 2019

It's the first Wednesday of the month and, as ever, that means it's time for the monthly posting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group! If you don't know about the group, it offers a safe haven where writers can post about their fears and insecurities without fear of being judged. For fun, there's an optional question to answer each month. Backing up our host and ninja captain Alex J. Cavanaugh this time round are Renee ScattergoodSadira StoneJacqui MurrayTamara Narayan and LG Keltner!

In terms of insecurities, I could be feeling insecure because I haven't made much headway with writing this year, but I'm feeling quite inspired. I just returned from Austin, Texas where I accompanied my wife on a business trip. It was great to soak up the hot weather and the Texan culture, but I was also impressed by many of the speakers at the convention who had all achieved amazing things in various fields. The talks were to do with motivation and empowerment so I hope to apply some of what I learned. I'm also going to post and share more about my wife's business because it's a great opportunity that anyone can join and make a career with.

Let's check out what's happening with IWSG this month - as usual, it's a lot!

Less than a month left to enter this year's IWSG Anthology Contest! We'd love to see lots more entries on the theme of voyagers and in the genre of middle grade historical (either adventure or fantasy). See the IWSG site for full details.

Don't forget our next Twitter Pitch event takes place in January. Deals have been struck and books published on the back of a tweet, so get yours polished up and ready now! See here for details.

The next WEP + IWSG collaborative writing event takes place on Aug 21-23, this time with the theme of "Red Wheelbarrow". Why not join in this fun and exciting challenge if you haven't already? Check out this post for more.

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Finally, it would be remiss of me not to introduce the newest addition to the IWSG admin team. Please give a big hand for Juneta Key!

Juneta Key writes SPECULATIVE FICTION, and loves fantasy and all its subgenres, the paranormal, mythological and space opera. In 2019, she entered into a partnership with another Indie author as co-owner of Stormdance Publications, to create fun, quality themed anthologies, especially about grumpy old gods. She’s one of seven founders of the Storytime Quarterly Blog Hop founded in 2015.

Interested in the Anthology Contest or Twitter Pitch? How does the WEP challenge grab you? You can find many more IWSG posts, as always, by checking out the sign-up page here.